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Upside Down Day

#tdc1361 Upside down day

Daily Create Combine Logos

#tdc1359 Combine your favourite logos

#tdc1357 Artsy Photo or Not

Radio Bumper

Concrete Poem

Reflect on Cinematography

Reflect on cinematography   After reading Becoming Better Photographers allowed me to understand more about photography and was amazed at how difficult it is to film a movie. They have the Selection: unique views and images to present the scenes to audiences. After watching The Ring, I applied the knowledge that I just learned to […]

A 20 minute Photoblitz

A paranormal Image

A Couple days ago my daughter showed me the new lenses features in Snapchat; one of the lenses caught my eye. I thought, Wow, this is perfect for my ds 106 class. I used the animated filter took a picture of myself which it looks horrible and I am even scared to look at the […]

An Old Photo

#tdc1347 #ds 106

Color Change

I picked this assignment because I thought it would be a pretty easy one. The original picture was taken by me when I was visiting Staunton in the early evening in July. I used my iPhone to capture the view. To be able to finish this assignment, I used photo editor software. Since I don’t […]