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From Place to Place

      For this visual assignment I had to place some objects somewhere. Since this week’s assignments are collaborative character media to my work, I would like to put the famous Red Reaper in a dark street. First I found the Red Reaper and a Dark Street on google and downloaded them to my […]

Radio Show Progress

Our Radio Group: Scott, Felicia, Rebecca, and Ellen did a great job. We planned out the schedule and workload at last week’s meeting and posted it on Google docs. Everybody in our group is very efficient by following the schedule and working cooperatively together. Everyone in our group recorded their own parts and emailed the […]

Make it 800% Slower (3 stars)

I like the audio assignments since I am pretty familiar with the Audacity software after using it to finish my assignments. I am an old fashion person and like to listen to classical songs so I found this free music software, Ave Maia from Amazon. This reminds me of how I listened to my oldest […]

Radio Commercial Poster

I have no idea of hosting a radio show, but designing a radio show poster is pretty easy. Since I proposed a commercial of Clown Show in our radio, I thought it would be a good idea to create a poster for the show that performs in a local theater. The Clown is perfect for […]

Progress of Edward Creeper Show

  The Edward Creeper Show members: Scott Clower, Felicia Liu, Gussie Revercomb, & Ellen Windley. We formed a group on Monday and created a google document for everyone to share and input information. Everyone contributed ideas in the radio show. We had a meeting today talking about the idea and structure of the radio. We […]

Radio Bumper

Radio Bumper AudioAssignments, AudioAssignments36 I picked the creepy sounds with the voice-over the background sound to introduction my radio bumper.

Professor Groom Poster

Professor Groom Poster (4.5 stars) DesignAssignments, DesignAssignments1413 This assignment was very fun and also popular, which the professor mentioned. However, the assignment has to be finished by using GIMP which I don’t have much experience with. I spent hours watching the online tutorial learn how to use the software before I started the project. Since […]


Rhythm:   Balance   Minimalism & Use of Space   Dominance   Proportion DesignBlitz My professor told me to take a camera around with me wherever I go this week.  I noticed that I paid more attention to my surroundings. I read some of the articles in the Design Resource Center to ensure that I […]

Upside Down Day

#tdc1361 Upside down day

Daily Create Combine Logos

#tdc1359 Combine your favourite logos