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Professor Groom Poster 4.5 stars

final fugitive

This assignment was very fun and also popular, which the professor mentioned. However, the assignment has to be finished by using GIMP which I don’t have much experience with. I spent hours watching the online tutorial learn how to use the software before I started the project. Since I really liked the movie Fugitive, I planned to use the photo to finish the project. First, I found the Fugitive poster online and downloaded it to my computer and then I found Professor Groom’s photo online and downloaded it to my computer too.

Then, I googled the software GIMP and downloaded the software to my computer. Double click the GIMP icon to open the software and then click File->Open to upload the background picture, the original Fugitive poster. Then, click File-> Open as Layers to upload Professor Groom’s photo. Next, click the layer picture by left clicks the mouse on Professor Groom’s icon on the right and the layer will turn blue.  Then, right click the layer picture, select Add Alpha Channel -> Free Select Tool(under toolbox) to select the edge of the Professor’s head. After cut off the edge of the head, size down the head size to make it fit into the original picture. Lastly, save the file to your computer. You may embed the image to your blog for the last step.

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One Story/4 Icons (2.5 stars)

dirty dance

This assignment is very fun and also the Professor mentioned that the assignment is  a very popular one. I would really like to try it. Dirty Dancing is one of my family’s favorite movies. I would use the four icons to tell this movie. First, I thought about the story in the movie and designed what type of icons I should use to create the story.

Then, I googled the None Project and signed in with my Facebook account. Next, I searched the male dancer and pick one, then downloaded it to my computer.  Then, I repeated the same step to download the girl, the vacation house, and the famous dance pose in the movie: the boy holding up the girl. Next, I opened up the Paint software and added four icons to the Paint and saved it. Lastly, I uploaded the paint file to my blog.

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What Are You Missing Nearby (3 stars)


I chose this assignment because I thought it would be an easy 3 stars assignment. First, I found the images of four places online and saved them to my iPhone. Second, I clicked the PicCollage app on my phone (I use this app all the time) and picked the Layouts that I designed for the assignment which can be combined with four pictures. Then, I clicked “+” to add the four pictures one by one which I downloaded earlier on my phone. Then, I saved it to my phone. Since the PicCollage App can’t add text, I used another photo editor app, Photo Editor, loaded the image that I just finished in PicCollage, then, picked the text tool to add the name of each place. Lastly, I uploaded the final picture to the blog.

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Vintage-ify A Place (2 stars)


This is a perfect assignment for me since I am interested in changing the effects and  colors of a picture. First, I googled online and found the James River picture and downloaded it to my computer. Then, I used GIMP to open the picture. Next, I changed the color  by changing the Color Balance and Colorized the Image and added the river name by using the Text toolbox. After saving it to my computer, I embedded it to my blog.

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