From Place to Place




From Place to Place

For this visual assignment I had to place some objects somewhere. Since this week’s assignments are collaborative character media to my work, I would like to put the famous Red Reaper in a dark street. First I found the Red Reaper and a Dark Street on google and downloaded them to my computer. Then, I opened the GIMP and opened the Red Reaper image and opened the Dark Street. Then, I cut the Red Reaper out and moved it to the background, the Dark Street, to make the final project. Lastly, I saved it as a file on my computer. You may upload the file to Flicker and embed Flicker’s link to your blog.

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Radio Show Progress

Our Radio Group: Scott, Felicia, Rebecca, and Ellen did a great job. We planned out the schedule and workload at last week’s meeting and posted it on Google docs. Everybody in our group is very efficient by following the schedule and working cooperatively together. Everyone in our group recorded their own parts and emailed the files to Rebecca and the other group members. We all listened to the files and wrote some suggestions and feedbacks to each other. By Tuesday morning, everyone in our group finished their parts and sent the clips to Rebecca who is going to collaborate all clips together and edit it. Rebecca has finished partial of the clip and put the link on google docs for our team members to listen to and get feedback from us. On Thursday, Ellen voluntarily helped finish the rest of the part since Rebecca was very busy. We are waiting for the final piece to finish and I am looking forward to hearing the whole show.

Make it 800% Slower (3 stars)

I like the audio assignments since I am pretty familiar with the Audacity software after using it to finish my assignments. I am an old fashion person and like to listen to classical songs so I found this free music software, Ave Maia from Amazon. This reminds me of how I listened to my oldest daughter play the piano when she was little. How could a piece of music be so beautiful?! I downloaded it to my computer. Then, I used Audacity to open the song and cut a couple parts from the beginning and end of the song. I thought it would be too long if I used the whole song. After I changed the speed to 99% slower, the song stretched from 1minute and 35 seconds to 2 hours and 39 minutes. I only changed it to 100% slower and it took 30 minutes. I don’t know how the person who created the assignment did 800% slower! Then, I started to listen to the new stretched song; I was unable to learn anything from the first 15 minutes so I stopped it. I think I picked the wrong song to stretch. Instead I picked a slow and soft song instead of a fast beat song. But I didn’t want to give up so I undid the change speed and set up a new speed of 45% slower. The song was turning out great. I am glad I tried one more time. Lesson learned!

Radio Commercial Poster

Radio Clown Poster

I have no idea of hosting a radio show, but designing a radio show poster is pretty easy. Since I proposed a commercial of Clown Show in our radio, I thought it would be a good idea to create a poster for the show that performs in a local theater. The Clown is perfect for the radio show since the theme is horror. I used the image that I downloaded last time when I created the radio bumper and uploaded it to the GIMP to edit it. I used the text tool to add the show time, location, and contact information in the poster.

Progress of Edward Creeper Show


The Edward Creeper Show members: Scott Clower, Felicia Liu, Gussie Revercomb, & Ellen Windley. We formed a group on Monday and created a google document for everyone to share and input information. Everyone contributed ideas in the radio show. We had a meeting today talking about the idea and structure of the radio. We also decided that we are going to critique on seven movies and nailed down the list of all of the movies. Edward Creeper (Scott) will be the main host character for the radio show. Felicia and Ellen will be the movies critics, talking about the good and bad parts of these seven horror movies. I will contribute 2 radio bumpers to the group and we will all record individual parts separately at home and then upload these audio parts to Soundcloud so Gussie can download and edit the audio. Gussie will be the character, Red Reaper in the show. We are going to use three radio bumpers, three commercials and the theme of the radio show will match the theme of the class which is horror. The radio shows will last less than 30 minutes. The movies that we are going to critique on:

  • Jaws
  • Friday the 13th
  • The Ring
  • Paranormal Activity
  • Poltergeist
  • Bride of Frankenstein
  • Dracula


Radio Bumper

Radio Bumper

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I picked the creepy sounds with the voice-over the background sound to introduction my radio bumper.

Professor Groom Poster

final fugitive

Professor Groom Poster (4.5 stars)
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This assignment was very fun and also popular, which the professor mentioned. However, the assignment has to be finished by using GIMP which I don’t have much experience with. I spent hours watching the online tutorial learn how to use the software before I started the project. Since I really liked the movie Fugitive, I planned to use the photo to finish the project. First, I found the Fugitive poster online and downloaded it to my computer and then I found Professor Groom’s photo online and downloaded it to my computer too.
Then, I googled the software GIMP and downloaded the software to my computer. Double click the GIMP icon to open the software and then click File->Open to upload the background picture, the original Fugitive poster. Then, click File-> Open as Layers to upload Professor Groom’s photo. Next, click the layer picture by left clicks the mouse on Professor Groom’s icon on the right and the layer will turn blue. Then, right click the layer picture, select Add Alpha Channel -> Free Select Tool(under toolbox) to select the edge of the Professor’s head. After cut off the edge of the head, size down the head size to make it fit into the original picture. Lastly, save the file to your computer. You may embed the image to your blog for the last step.







Minimalism & Use of Space



dominance ex.



My professor told me to take a camera around with me wherever I go this week.  I noticed that I paid more attention to my surroundings. I read some of the articles in the Design Resource Center to ensure that I understood the basic design concepts before I took the pictures. Then I looked for objects that I could take photos with to fit these basic theories. I used my IPhone camera to take photos for some knowledge but the result it was not as good as using Nikon. For balance components, I used the symmetrical balance concept which is a door in the middle and two windows on each side.  I chose the flower picture to explain the dominance concept since the pink flower fills out most of the frame and there is only some green color in the corners as the leaves.  I used one of the pictures took while I was on vacation to illustrate minimalism & use of space’s concept. It is a simple picture which had a single object in an open view. Rhythm concept it shows that objects repeat a pattern.  I took this picture because I thought the trees repeated as the pattern showed in nature. All these basic design concepts enhanced my knowledge that I never thought about before. Hopefully, I can take some artsy pictures in the future.


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