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Submit Your Assignment Ideas and Write up your Tutorials

The first tutorial assignment I plan to do it is my Pet at UMW.  Do you wish to bring your pet to UMW when you are in school? This assignment will allow your dream become true. You may use the GIMP or other photo editor software to place your puppet at anywhere of UMW ground.  This assignment need know basic knowledge of GIMP or other software that you wish to use. I rate this assignment 3.5 stars.


Planet of the Vampires 

I watched the movie Planet of the Vampires.  When I first read the title of the movie I thought the movie was about vampires that drink people’s blood; but, it turns out they were more like zombies since they lived after they died.  I felt like the movie’s name was misleading the audiences. Maybe there was some reason they chose to use vampires instead of zombies. Moreover, I thought the sound design part was pretty weak. For example, the music could have been scarier when they walked around and checked on those dead people after the spaceship landed on the planet. To be fair, the movie was shot in 1965 so the effects were already very good back then. The set design was good which was all dark with some red and blue light plus the smoke and the mountains on the unexplored planet created a mystery atmosphere for the audiences.  Also, the suits that the crew members wore were appropriate for the plot. However, I felt like inside of the spaceship was pretty empty and simple. Lastly, I felt the story was boring and slow for me because I am not really into these types of movies. Overall, the design of the movie achieved the effects for a movie back in 1965.

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The Vignelli Canon

After I read the Vignelli Canon, I felt like designing a project just like writing an essay. There are three parts for designing a project: semantic, syntactic and pragmatic. Semantic is similar to writing an essay because you have to understand the topic, doing some research and getting some ideas for what you want to write in your project. It is the key part to a good project. Syntactic is like the grammar that you used in your essay that you need to follow the grammar rules. In the design, syntactic is how you use graphic design, structure, and grid in the project. Pragmatics in design is making sure your essay is clear and understandable to the audiences. Moreover, to be able to create a better design, pay special attention to the details.

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Brainstorm Radio Show Ideas

I don’t really know what I should talk about in the radio. I will follow the theme of ds 106 which something like horror and creepy. I remembered I made a story about The Clown in my first-week story and also I mentioned the Sandy, the Clown in my host introduction. I think I will continue to use the Clown- Sandy in my radio.

“I kept searching for my key and finally found it. I started the engine and started driving. But the clown was still chasing me. I pushed the gas petal as hard as I could. Finally, his shadow fell behind me. When I drove to the main road I felt so relieved. That was the most horrible moment in my life. When I drove back to house, I saw the clown standing in front of my door way….. ”

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