Final Project

Emily is a sweetheart to her parents. She will turn nine years old in a month. Her parents want to host a big birthday party for her. Her mother, Judy, has been planning this party for months, just to have Emily be happy and enjoy her birthday with all her friends. She booked a pony ride, a clown, face painting, a petting zoo, and  some other activities for Emily’s birthday party. Judy sent out the invitations to Emily’s friends, classmates, and neighbors. It will be the biggest party Emily has ever had.


Birthday party


The days before Emily’s party, are the busiest for Judy, while she tries to get everything done in time for Emily’s party on May 20th. She orders Emily’s favorite birthday cake from the famous bakery in town and purchases many balloons, goody bags, snacks, and drinks. Judy gets up extra early on Saturday to set up everything, although she is still tired from the last couple of days.


At two o’clock, Emily’s friends start to come. The house gets more and more crowded. The girls are so happy they could play together on the weekend. The house fills with the girls’ loud voices, laughing and screaming. Judy is so glad the weather is good today, since many of the activities are hosted outdoors. The activities that Judy booked for her daughter’s party were coming soon. The pony ride and the petting zoo came, but the clown/face painting aren’t there yet. She knows all the girls liked clown performances and face painting, so she starts to get worried. While she is thinking, her cell phone rings. It is from the clown; he tells Judy that he is stuck in traffic and should be at her house within ten minutes. Judy is relieved after receiving the phone call. The party was going well at the beginning.


However, hours past and the party is getting more and more crazy. Emily’s dad has drank too much and is now dancing with the kids. On the other hand, Judy is so busy talking to the other ladies in the backyard that she totally forgets to check inside the house. When she walks in to check on everyone inside, the house she saw was:



She was so shocked to see the kids dance like crazy with her husband.

She was so mad at her husband and tried to control the situation, so she turned off the music and asked all the kids to go outside and take pictures with the clown.

Since the horse eats Emily’s expensive birthday cake, Judy sent her husband out to the local grocery store to pick up another cake. 

When Emily’s dad came back with a cake, everyone came into the house and sing the birthday song and the Clown arrived said happy birthday to Emily too.



Everything went wrong after the birthday cake was eaten by the horse. Judy tried to keep cool and control the party, so she asked the kids go outside to take pictures with the Clown.


clown picture

The kids started to ride on the pony and some other kids played with the farm animals.



When everyone was so busy play in the backyard, no one really payed attention to the Clown. When it was time for blowing out the the candles and eating cake, Emily was not found anywhere. Judy and her husband freaked out and everyone started to look for Emily, but they couldn’t find her. After a while, everyone realized the Clown was gone, too. Judy picked up the phone and called the police right way. The police officers came to the house within 15 minutes. Emily’s parents described information about Emily and the Clown and the police officers issued an amber alert. The police officers also called the Clown’s company and found out the company sent a female clown to Emily’s party, not a male clown. The company didn’t even know who the person was that came to Emily’s party. Judy and her friends send out a Twitter message to look for Emily and the Clown. Also, the police department sent out wanted posters to look for the Clown. (Wanted, Emily’s pic)




An hour after the Twitter message was sent out, thousands of people retweeted the message. The 911 center started receiving phone calls from people and provided useful information to the police department. Many people told the 911 center that they saw the Clown driving on I 95 towards Richmond. The police officers shut down I 95 and blocked all the exits on I 95. Finally, they caught the Clown and Emily was also found in the back trunk of the car. The police officers arrested the Clown and saved Emily. Judy and her husband were so happy to see Emily come home with no harm. From now on, they won’t host any big parties. They discovered that family being together and being happy is more important than anything else.


fugitive the clown


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