Make it 800% Slower (3 stars)

I like the audio assignments since I am pretty familiar with the Audacity software after using it to finish my assignments. I am an old fashion person and like to listen to classical songs so I found this free music software, Ave Maia from Amazon. This reminds me of how I listened to my oldest daughter play the piano when she was little. How could a piece of music be so beautiful?! I downloaded it to my computer. Then, I used Audacity to open the song and cut a couple parts from the beginning and end of the song. I thought it would be too long if I used the whole song. After I changed the speed to 99% slower, the song stretched from 1minute and 35 seconds to 2 hours and 39 minutes. I only changed it to 100% slower and it took 30 minutes. I don’t know how the person who created the assignment did 800% slower! Then, I started to listen to the new stretched song; I was unable to learn anything from the first 15 minutes so I stopped it. I think I picked the wrong song to stretch. Instead I picked a slow and soft song instead of a fast beat song. But I didn’t want to give up so I undid the change speed and set up a new speed of 45% slower. The song was turning out great. I am glad I tried one more time. Lesson learned!

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    I like this assignment. I wasn’t expecting it to sound the way it did but it is still really cool. I personally would like to hear an upbeat pop song just to satisfy my curiosity. Keep up the good work.

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