Reflect on Cinematography

Reflect on cinematography


After reading Becoming Better Photographers allowed me to understand more about photography and was amazed at how difficult it is to film a movie. They have the

  • Selection: unique views and images to present the scenes to audiences. After watching The Ring, I applied the knowledge that I just learned to the movie.
  • Contrast: in the movie, the scary parts were always shot in the dark night which made the movie creepier. The normal actives happened during the day.


  • contrast
  • Perspective: in the movie, there were many scenes shot from different points of view. For example, the camera shot from the edge of the cliff when Rachel stood at the top of the cliff before she jumped made audiences wondering if she would jump. Also, the camera shot the scene from the bottom of the water when Rachael tried to climb up from the well made me feel scared and wondering what it would be like if I were in that water and if the ghost would catch my feet.

under the water top of the cliff

  • Depth: in the end, the camera moved throughout the window and further to the broader view which gave the audience a depth of the view.


  • Balance: In the movie, the horror and normal parts exchanged constantly. At the same time, they gradually added more and more scary themes into the movie.
  • Moment: in the movie the moment kind of slowed down a little bit before turning to a scary scene. For example, when they went to market, the boy started taking photos and all seemed normal and calm. Then he saw the deer and things changed which gave the audience some hint that something was going to happen.
  • Lighting: In the movie, the creepy parts always happened in the dark. Also, the creepy sounds worked very well to make the movie scarier. When she got out of the well, the color of the movie changed to black and white which made it clear that Rachael was in the another world…..but when she jumped off the cliff, she was back to the normal world and the scene changed back to color.

black & white

  • Foreground/background: the unique in the way how they used the foreground and background was when the boy was in the bathroom and taking the pictures. Later on his Mom saw those pictures on his camera. The ghost was in the background when the boy in the foreground.


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