Show Case

For this week’s showcase, the best five works will be picked throughout the semester since only a few people are putting their work out during the holiday week.


1. Gun Commercial

This commercial was so funny and it made me laugh every time I listened to it. It was a great commercial for the radio show.

2. Movie MashUp

I really liked this Movie Mashup – show me the Wolf of Wall Street created by Aaron. I thought it was a good idea to mash up Jerry Maguire and the Wolf of Wall Street movies together to make a clip.

3.That’s so Ravens

This project was made by the Professor Bond. Even though I don’t watch football, I liked how all the different backgrounds changed while the football player was running. I also liked the music that was used in this project.

4.Video Essay – Bride of Frankenstein

Several students did analysis on the Video Essay – Bride of Frankenstein, but I thought Scott’s video analysis was the best among them. He focused on the scene and the angles of the camera and pointed out the special effects in the clip.


Comic Strip

I thought this tutorial idea was great. I  have never done a comic strip by using the online software, The comic strip software has unique formats to display brief humor or form a narrative with simple texts.





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