Tutorials Ideas

Tutorial 1

Bring Your Pet to School (Visual Assignment 3)

1. First, take/find a photo of your school that you want your pet to go to.

2. Find you pet’s cutest picture that you are going to use in the assignment.

3. Upload your school picture as the background by open the GIMP ->File->Open

4. Upload your pet picture as layer picture via File->Open as Layer

5. Cut out the pet from the picture and make the rest of area in the picture clear expect the pet by clicking the layer picture icon on the right side as the icon turns to blue. Then, right click and select Add Alpha Channel->Tool->Free Select Tool- start to the boundary of your pet.
6. Click Select -> Inverse. Then, Edit->to clear
7. Now you have only your pet left in the Layer. Resize the Layer picture by click Layer->Auto Crop->Layer->Scale size. You can change your pet to a reasonable size by percentage to make it fit in the background.
8. Use Move Tool to move your pet around anywhere you want

Tutorial 2:

For this assignment, I used Pic Collage, a photo editing software to finish the Mashing Friends and Emojis assignment.

1. Download Pic Collage to your iPhone

2. Log into the software and choose a Grids

3. Search for an Emoji online, download it to your Photos, and pick your favorite one

4. Add the Emoji image and your photo to Pic Collage.

5. Save it out to your flicker account. You can embed it to your blog last.

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