Video Assignment


I wanted to try this assignment because this was five stars. It denied easy but time-consuming. My experiment was to transform mung beans to bean sprouts. Although many Chinese knew how to raise bean sprouts, I never did it. So I did a little bit research before I started it. Luckily, I found some mung beans in my pantry. First, I poured the dry mung beans into an empty bowl, added some warm water, and kept it in a room temperature room for 38 hours. I made sure to change the water every 6-8 hours, but when 16 hours passed, the beans weren’t big enough to be put into a strainer so I let the beans soak longer. Finally, after 38 hours the small dry beans became bigger, and some of the bean’s skin began to open and a little bit of whiteness showed. Then, I put them into a strainer and covered them up with a wet cloth and rinsing the cloth every 6-8 hours with warm water. After 90 hours, the mung bean transformed to small bean sprouts. I can’t wait for the small bean sprouts to grow to regular bean sprouts since the assignment is due on Friday, but you can see the prototype.

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What Do You Love

This assignment uses pictures or videos, combining them into one final video to present something you love to do. I chose this assignment because l like to cook food, and I like to eat. Also, this assignment is a very easy one. I looked at my photo album and picked some of the photos that I took before. Then I uploaded them to My Channel on YouTube and added some music. Done! I copied and pasted the embedded link to my blog

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Character Description (4 stars)

I choose this four-star assignment since it related to my character in the radio show, The Clown. I picked the movie Pennywise the Clown since the clown is in the movie. It was a creepy movie that scary a lot of people. This assignment was hard since I have no clue how to do it. So I did a lot or research and learned how to download a YouTube video to my computer. I download the MPEG Streamclip to do the assignment, but somehow the MPEG was not working. So I did research again and found out to add “ss” in from out YouTube link, and you can save the video to your computer. Then I upload the video to My Channel on YouTube, then use Trim tool to trip the video to many small clips and save on my computer. But, I don’t know how to combine all these short clips together. So I decided to give Microsoft Movie Maker a try. I succeeded. I used Microsoft Movie Maker to upload the small clips and then save out to my computer.

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