Week Eight


    Week Eight’s workload was the least out of all the eight weeks. It was very nice to get a real break for the ds 106 class. I finished the audio clips for my parts and sent it to our team editor to combine everyone’s parts together. My team members got some feedback and suggestions for my clips so I rerecorded them and added my parts for my clips. I have a great team. Everyone works together cooperatively; Especially Ellen acted as the team leader which is good for our project. On Thursday, Ellen voluntarily helped finish the audio editing work since Rebecca was very busy. I don’t like to wait and finish things at the last minute so that will make me very nervous. I am glad I helped Ellen finish it on Thursday night. I got the Professor’s feedback on my participation score and it was low, but it was true. I will try my best to improve by paying attention to other student’s work and making more comments on them this semester. The Daily Create of this week was not as easy as the previous weeks. However, I finished 4 Daily Creates since the workload of the week was not as heavy as the previous weeks.

    Radio Show Progress:

    Our Radio Group: Scott, Felicia, Rebecca, and Ellen did a great job. We planned out the schedule and workload at last week’s meeting and posted it on Google docs. Everybody in our group is very efficient by following the schedule and working cooperatively together. Everyone in our group recorded their own parts and emailed the files to Rebecca and the other group members. We all listened to the files and wrote some suggestions and feedbacks to each other. By Tuesday morning, everyone in our group finished their parts and sent the clips to Rebecca who is going to collaborate all clips together and edit it. Rebecca has finished partial of the clip and put the link on google docs for our team members to listen to and get feedback from us. On Thursday, Ellen voluntarily helped finish the rest of the part since Rebecca was very busy. We are waiting for the final piece to finish and I am looking forward to hearing the whole show.

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    3. Commenting: Repeat the commenting assignment from week 1.
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