Week Eleven

The Week Eleven’s assignments mainly focus on the video. I use Dell to edit the video. However, I tried to use IMovie that I download it on my IPad; it was so easy to record the audio, add theme music. Unfortunately, I do not have Mac to use to edit the video. This week assignments took me a long time to finish it. Also, I have to do 10 out of 16 stars related with my character; I felt like I am starting getting tired of my character now.

The Banana is Climbing the Stairs

When I saw the Moving Object assignment, I wanted to try it. However, the demo video was not a really good example, so I decided to try it on my own. This was my first time using Vine to create a video. I downloaded the App to my IPhone and followed the instructions on learning how to use the app. I practiced a couple of times and understood the idea of how to use it. I thought for the Moving Object assignment that it would be a great idea to use a non-moving object and recorded it moving to different locations. So I picked a banana as the object and thought climbing the stairs was a cool idea. So I placed the banana on the floor, the first stair, the second stair, etc……and recorded it. I was pretty happy about what I did.

VideoAssignments, VideoAssignments1691 (3 Stars)

60 Second Day –A Video Narrative

I know that I am always busy, but I never track what I do every day. This assignment will allow me to see what I do. I started to record my activities on Thursday night. Also, I set an alarm to remind myself to record on Friday morning. I record all the activities that I do during the day on Friday. But for the night, most of the activities for me are making dinner, waiting the kids to come home from swimming, having dinner with them, and then doing homework. Friday is my normally my school day and grocery shopping day for next week. I was glad I didn’t have a group meeting today because I normally have a lot of meetings during the day. The recording part was easy, but it takes a while to cut the clips and make a video narrative. Since I used my IPad to record the activities, the files didn’t compact with Movie Maker, and so I had to learn how to use IMovie to edit my recordings. Since I download IMovie to my IPad, and I don’t have a MacBook, IMovie is so easy to use; I can add audios or record my voice when the video plays. IMovie made my life much easier.
VideoAssignments, VideoAssignments1177 (4.5 Stars)

Survival from the Clown


For this assignment, I had to make a video for someone on how to survive something. I used this assignment to connect with my character – the Clown. The survival tips from the scary clown. I used YouTube to trim the video and get the part that I wanted. Then, I downloaded it to my computer and uploaded the clips to Movie Maker. I saved it to my computer after I added the title and captions and then uploaded it to YouTube. Lastly, I embedded the YouTube link into my blog.

VideoAssignments, VideoAssignments1177 (4.5 Stars)

I am the Clown – Sandy



I chose this assignment because I thought it would be a good
the idea to let ds 106 students knows who the real person behind the heavy makeup.
I used YouTube to trim the parts that I wanted, uploaded those clips to Movie
Maker, and then I recorded the audio by using Audacity. Lastly, I uploaded it
to Movie Maker.

VideoAssignments, VideoAssignments846 (4.5 stars)

Daily Create

November 2, 2015, #tdc1394 SideWalk Crack Art


November 3, 2015 #tdc 1395 Filter


November 5th, 2015 #tdc 1397 Anny Cow the researcher
purpose of life


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