Week Five

Weekly Summary:

I liked this week assignments. The Audio Assignments are my favorite. I explored many APPs such as Freesound, Soundbible, and learned how to create a story. The story on the ds 106 radio station was very interesting. I really liked the story “Spender”( if I spelled the name correctly) which made me wondering: what was going to happen next, who was the one to fire the building, what was the purpose for doing that? The assignment of Juxtapose Old and New in Daily Create was very unique, but I don’t know how they did it and I really want to find out. However, I don’t have much time to look into it. I know we are just starting to work on the radio station thoughts and ideas, but I have no clue of what I should do. I like the way the Professor brings some suggestions or comments on my posts so I can correct it before the week ends.

The hearing is one of the most important senses for a human to know his or her surroundings. Sound affects our lives every minute. Can you imagine watching a movie without sound? The sound drives our feelings and emotions which make us happy, sad, angry, etc. When I hear horror music in movies, I know something is going to happen soon. Just like on one of the assignments that we did this week, “telling a story using only sound effects”, when there are no words in a story, people pay special attention to the sounds and create an image in my head. When we had to watch horror movies for ds 106 this semester, I muted the sound when the scary part came because I get very scared by watching horror movies. From this example, I can say that the audio played the most important role in the storytelling. Also, the audio in storytelling creates a different effect than the audio in a film or video for people’s emotions, feelings, and moods. Audio in storytelling has a background sound and we can add voices-over on top of it and bumper between the stories. For example, in “Moon Graffiti”, there are many clips combined together such as background effect, voice-over, and Richard Nixon speech in the audio to create the great storytelling. However, audio sound in the film or movie is parallel with the scene in the movie to make the sense more effective to the audiences’ feelings.

I listen to the Thursday night ds106 radio, I like the second story “Spender” better because it sounds better. Moreover, the tone, emotion, and backgrounds are clearer. The most important, the story attracts my attention and kept my interest to continue to listen. Just as Ira Glass’s Series on storytelling explained in his video that storytelling is building the block and keep tell the thing after thing.

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Last Laugh” from Tales from the Crypt EC Archives
I picked the page when Jeffrey, the eight year old boy went to a play with his friends and he completely forgot about his little three years old brother, Stevey until he heard a blood-curdling scream. I can imagine the train passing by with a train sound and at the same time Jeffrey screaming when he saw the blood house meat with kids clothes on. The other kids were screaming too but their voices were covered by the sound of the train that just passed by. All those kids may have panicked and been scared to death.

Brainstorm Radio Show Ideas
I don’t really know what I should talk about in the radio. I will follow the theme of ds 106 which something like horror and creepy. I remembered I made a story about The Clown in my first-week story and also I mentioned the Sandy, the Clown in my host introduction. I think I will continue to use the Clown- Sandy in my radio.

“I kept searching for my key and finally found it. I started the engine and started driving. But the clown was still chasing me. I pushed the gas pedal as hard as I could. Finally, his shadow fell behind me. When I drove to the main road I felt so relieved. That was the most horrible moment in my life. When I drove back to house, I saw the clown standing in front of my doorway….. ”

Reverse Audio Quiz (2.5 stars)

Reverse Audio Quiz:
This is a 2.5-star assignment. I picked this assignment because it was a very easy one. Also, because I did another 2 audio assignments worst total 7.5 stars. I needed an easy one to finish this week’s assignment. First, I found a popular childhood song “It’s a Small World After All” on the Freesound.org, I downloaded it to my computer; Second, I opened Audacity (since I already downloaded the software to my computer a while ago) and clicked File->Open-> to go to the song that I previously saved on my computer ->Open it. After the song uploaded to Audacity, I clicked the “I” icon on the top of the toolbar and highlight all the songs, then got to Effect->Reverse, then clicked Ok. The whole song was reversed. Last, click File-> exports-> to save on your computer. After this, Open Soundcloud, Upload the file that you just saved and add an image that you found online and then save it. Now, you can copy and paste the URL link to your blog and post it.

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Your Theme Song (4 stars) Horror Theme

Horror Theme: This assignment was worth 4 stars. I thought it would be an easy 4 stars. Similar to another Audio assignment, first I needed to find a horror sound from SoundCloud and then download it to my computer; then I found a beat that sounded creepy and also matched the beat of the sound. Then, I uploaded the sound and beat to Audacity and exported it out and saved it on my computer. Last, I uploaded it to my Soundcloud account and uploaded a creepy photo that I found from the internet and saved it. Then, I post the URL link to my blog.

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Hunting Day

Hunting Day: This assignment was 3.5 stars. I picked this assignment after I listened to the demo piece. I thought it would be a fun assignment, but I don’t where I am going to start. At first I thought I needed to record all these sounds and calibrate them together which will be pretty hard. Also, I don’t know what topic I should do. I thought about it for a day and then read how other people did their assignment; finally, I realized I can find all kinds sounds online at Freesounds or Soundbible. Then, I need to think of a theme which is something I have never done in my life. I Neil down a hunting trip and start to think about all the scenes that will happen during the day. It was like a pre-movie in my mind, what will happen at first, then what happened, …After the pre-movie in my mind, I know what sounds I should collect to finish my story. I went to the website Freesounds.org and starting to search all these sounds and downloaded them to my computer. Then, I started to load all of these sounds to Audacity by order of events. Next, I used the Time Shift Tool to search each Audio Track and make sure all these sounds are connected one after another. Lastly, I exported the file from File and saved it to my computer. Then, I went to my SoundCloud account uploaded the file that I just saved in my computer and posted the URL to my blog.

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Radio Bumper

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I picked the creepy sounds with the voice-over the background sound to introduction my radio bumper.

Daily Create

September 22nd, 2015 #tdc1352 Crossing Abbey Road


September 21st, 2015 #tdc1352 Print all over me!

#tdc1352 Print all over me

September 20th, 2015 #tdc1351 5 card Flickr story time

It was a beautiful day.

September 19th #tdc1350 Concrete Poetry
Concrete Poem