Week Four

It is the fourth week already. I really like the Visual Assignments and Daily Create.

Think about the Visuals of Storytelling

I am the mother of three kids so recording the memorable moments have become a habit. I like to take photos when special events are coming such as birthdays, holidays, vacations, ceremonies, first days of school, and summer camp. Before I had my iPhone, I used a digital camera with a memory card to take photos. Now, I use my iPhone most of time since it is convenient. On some special occasions, I will use my Nikon digital camera which I am still learning how to focus the lens. I take photos because I want to record that moment; I don’t really think about a particular approach when I’m taking the photos. However, I put more effort into taking some nice pictures for my summer vacation. I think this was because the view was so beautiful or maybe I was in such a good mood to enjoy the beautiful views, the moments, and atmosphere. After reviewing these resources, I will try to apply some of the rules to my future shots. For example, I will select the point of view, make contrasts in either color or light, and shoot from a different perspective.


Reflect on cinematography


After reading Becoming Better Photographers allowed me to understand more about photography and was amazed at how difficult it is to film a movie. They have the

  • Selection: unique views and images to present the scenes to audiences. After watching The Ring, I applied the knowledge that I just learned to the movie.
  • Contrast: in the movie, the scary parts were always shot in the dark night which made the movie creepier. The normal actives happened during the day.


  • contrast
  • Perspective: in the movie, there were many scenes shot from different points of view. For example, the camera shot from the edge of the cliff when Rachel stood at the top of the cliff before she jumped made audiences wondering if she would jump. Also, the camera shot the scene from the bottom of the water when Rachael tried to climb up from the well made me feel scared and wondering what it would be like if I were in that water and if the ghost would catch my feet.

under the water top of the cliff

  • Depth: in the end, the camera moved throughout the window and further to the broader view which gave the audience a depth of the view.


  • Balance: In the movie, the horror and normal parts exchanged constantly. At the same time, they gradually added more and more scary themes into the movie.
  • Moment: in the movie the moment kind of slowed down a little bit before turning to a scary scene. For example, when they went to market, the boy started taking photos and all seemed normal and calm. Then he saw the deer and things changed which gave the audience some hint that something was going to happen.
  • Lighting: In the movie, the creepy parts always happened in the dark. Also, the creepy sounds worked very well to make the movie scarier. When she got out of the well, the color of the movie changed to black and white which made it clear that Rachael was in the another world…..but when she jumped off the cliff, she was back to the normal world and the scene changed back to color.

black & white

  • Foreground/background: the unique in the way how they used the foreground and background was when the boy was in the bathroom and taking the pictures. Later on his Mom saw those pictures on his camera. The ghost was in the background when the boy in the foreground.



Create a paranormal image

A Couple days ago my daughter showed me the new lenses features in Snapchat; one of the lenses caught my eye. I thought, Wow, this is perfect for my ds 106 class. I used the animated filter took a picture of myself which it looks horrible and I am even scared to look at the picture. Snapchat introduced the new lenses since Halloween is coming. This Snapchat picture made me scared because I think the eyes and the teeth parts look paranormal which similar to the movie “The Grim Reaper”.


tag: paranormal

Visual Assignments:


Birthdays are the Worst


Birthdays are the Worst

I used my IPhone to take the picture when I was working at a local company. I had to work even though it was my birthday because we were short in staffs. The job was very boring and I had to repeat the same thing everyday. The workload was very heavy and the management team are micromanagement. I was not so happy to work at that place.

This is a pretty easy assignment. I picked this unhappy picture when I was at office. First, I saved the picture at Paint. Then, I used Paint tools to add a birthday hat and balloons to the pictures. Lastly, I uploaded the edited birthday picture into my blog with a tag on it.

VisualAssignments, VisualAssignments1720 (2.5 stars)




Pet Collage




This is my second visual assignment of this week, I like to make a pet collage. Our dog, Author, he is so sweet and cute which would be perfect for this assignment. We adopted him from the shelter about three years ago. He loves to play with my daughters which it makes my kids very happy.
To finish this assignment, First, I need many cute pictures of Author. I have many of his pictures which saved in my phone. Then, I use a App called Collage in my phone which I used it all the time to edit my kids pictures. I tapped the Collage on my phone, it App will ask you to tap anywhere to add pictures; I tapped on the phone’s screen to upload Author’s pictures from my phone. After I tapped all these photos that I want, the App will let you to choose a Layout; Right after I tapped the Layout I want, all these Author’s pictures will collage in the frame. Then I tapped check mark , the App will allow me to export the Layout with all these pictures to either to Instagram, email, or save image to my phone. Then I will log in to my Blog and create a new post and add the collage to the blog. I use the Collage App all the time to create collage and post to online so this assignment it is pretty easy for me.

VisualAssignments, VisualAssignments1729 (3.5 stars)



Hello Kitty Kitty:(4 stars)

I picked this assignment because I think the assignment will be an easy 4 stars to get. I remember I saw an app that can be used to create this assignment while I did last week’s homework. So I searched the App on the App Store on my phone and found the Animal Face & Tail App. I downloaded the App to my phone. Then I googled and found a cheetah family picture. Then I tapped on the Animal Face & Tail App and clicked the Open Picture, upload the cheetah picture from my Photos; then I clicked the “+”on the screen that makes many animals’ faces pop out. I picked a zebra’s head because I thought it would be a nice combination, a zebra head on a cheetah body. After the zebra’s head popped out on the screen, I decreased the head size and moved the head to overlap with the cheetah’s head. Lastly, I saved the picture into my Photos, uploaded it to my Flicker account, and embedded the URL link of Flicker to my blog.

VisualAssignments, VisualAssignments1681


Color Changed of Staunton (2.5 Starts)

Color Change

I picked this assignment because I thought it would be a pretty easy one. The original picture was taken by me when I was visiting Staunton in the early evening in July. I used my iPhone to capture the view. To be able to finish this assignment, I used photo editor software. Since I don’t have Photoshop software, I read some blogs that other people did on this assignment and found someone who used a free photo shop software called Pixlr which is similar to Photoshop. I googled Pixlr online and found out that I can download it for free. I downloaded a PC version and started to create my final assignment. First, I double click the Pixlr icon which was saved on my desktop after installation of the free software; then I open the pictures that were saved on my computer by clicking File on the tool bar in Pixlr. After the picture was loaded into the software, I tried each tool bar by clicking them and found out what each function is for. To be able to change the picture’s color to what I want, I first added effect to the original picture by clicking Effect, then added the Lan color which is under Subtitle color. Before I started the assignment, I roughly thought about what the picture would look like when I finished it. I wanted to add a creepy theme into the picture so I added an extra layer to the picture. I used the Overlay tool in the software and added the Language color under the Artmodern color. That’s it. I created the effect that I wanted. Finally, I saved it to my computer. Then, I uploaded the finished piece to my Flicker account. Also, I embedded the URL link from my Flicker account to my blog.

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Daily Create:

September 16th, 2015 #tdc 1347 An Old Photo
An Old Phote

September 15th, 2015 #tdc1346 Take an emophoto

Emophoto Happy

September 14th, 2015 #tdc1345 Suck it up Buttercup!

cut down

A 20 minute Photoblitz:

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