Week One

Wow! The first week went by very fast. I feel like there is so much stuff that I need to do and I learned so many things during the first week. I printed out the first week assignment sheet and went through it, line by line and made sure that I didn’t skip anything. Getting a Domain and installing WordPress was not that hard since I’ve done it in another class. I created a new blog just for ds 106 since the topic is completely different than the other class. I want my blog’s theme to be related to horror so I searched a Haunted House theme in WordPress, download, and change it. I figured out how to embed Flickr, Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud, which I have never used before for my blog. It is quite challenging for me since I’m not a really technical person. If I didn’t know how to do something, I took the suggestions from the Professor and Googled it. The hardest part for me is the theme of ds 106 class, because it was a Horror subject. I don’t watch horror movies. This theme is way out of my comfort zone. However, after watching a required movie called The Creepshow, I didn’t feel too bad. I found another horror movie called The Conjuring and watched it. I closed my eyes during the scary parts and I survived! People sent advertisements to my blog and it drove me crazy because for every commend they made there is an email notice to me so I kept deleting those emails. I really enjoyed learning all these new things, which my college daughter doesn’t even know how to do.

Creepshow was my first horror movie, other than that I’ve never watched any horror movies or shows. This class got me interested in horror movies and shows I found this movie I think is going to be horrifying, you should give it a try.

Tell a Scary Story

The first night class that I was taking was when I just started at UMW, at the Monroe Hall. I told myself I have to be smart this time and find the closest parking spot so I don’t have to walk a lot after the class. I checked the UMW map and found out the parking lot behind the building is the closest one. When I got there it was still light. I looked around and told myself, “hahaha I found a very nice place to park and I only need to climb a couple of stairs to get there!” So I climbed up the stairs which was surrounded by a wooded area with light peeking through the trees. When class was finished at 9pm I walked out of the building it was dark and rainy. I told myself, “what? Already dark and Raining?” I looked around and told myself, well, there are still some people walking around campus so I am fine. But when I started to walk toward the trail, my heart started to beat faster and heavier. Suddenly, I noticed no one was around me anymore. I asked myself, do I really have to walk by myself all the way down the hill? Is there an alternative way to go? No! OKAY, I guess I have to go by myself. I told myself, “You will be fine, Felicia”! So I started to walk step by step down the hill. I pleaded in my mind, “please have no one behind the bushes! Please, please! At same time there was voice that told me this is a very dangerous place with many murder cases that happened to people who walk alone….. I tried walking as fast as I could through the woods, but I felt like this was the longest moment in my life. All of a sudden I heard footsteps behind me but when I turned around I didn’t see anyone but when I turned back around, a clown was standing there right in front of my face. His white gloves were covered with blood and he was holding a sharp knife with a cruel blade. I started to scream and used my umbrella to hit him. When he tried to grab me, I pushed him away with my umbrella and ran as fast as I could to my car. I don’t know what happened to the clown but when I got into my car I locked the door. My hands couldn’t stop shaking and I couldn’t find my key in the bag. At this moment, the clown ran to my car and his bloody hands kept pounding on my window, leaving blood marks. I kept searching for my key and finally found it. I started the engine and started driving. But the clown was still chasing me. I pushed the gas petal as hard as I could. Finally, his shadow fell behind me. When I drove to the main road I felt so relieved. That was the most horrible moment in my life. When I drove back to house, I saw the clown standing in front of my door way…..

Multimodal Introductions: