Week Thirteen

Progress on the Final Show Time

I had exactly no clue about what the final project would be like when I first read the Week 13 assignment. Then, I did some research on the ds 106’s website and found some examples of the final project. I got ideas of how to finish my final project. I will write a story about a little girl, Emily. She has her nine years old birthday party. My character, the Clown, will show up at her birthday party. The story will begin with Emily’s Mom wanting to host a big party for Emily. She sends out an invitation to Emily’s friends and booked some fun activities for the party. A variety of activities will be offered such as The Clown, pony rides and face painting. The Clown kidnaps Emily. Emily’s neighbors and friends send out a warning post (on Twitter) looking for the Clown. The following assignments would be created and used in the story.

 Birthday party invitation card: (visual design)
 Party Music (Audio)
 Fun Party (Video Mashup/Remix)
 Picture of the Clown with all these kids (GIF)
 Post the Poster on Tweeter (visual design)
Please feel free to comment on my ideas and some suggestions are welcome.


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