Week Three

All the assignments of week three mainly focuses on writing which is very hard for me as a second language speaker. However, I really like to write fiction stories. I picked two writing assignments which were I Want to Be… and The Picture Worth A Thousand Words. I am not a really a creative person but I try my best to make up the stories. I use the methods that I learn, tale of the hook and Vonnegut’s graph line into my story to make it more interesting and intense that my 13 years old daughter is afraid to read. I didn’t spend a lot of time on the Daily Create this week since it was very easy. I also like the assignment “introduce the horror host”, I think this will be a fun assignment. I am looking forward to more fun topics next week.


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frozen in time

Read Some Horror:

Compare the movie Night Gallery: If I were to choose between The House Certain Shadows on the Wall and the Grim Reaper, I would choose the Grim Reaper. This movie is more intense than the House Certain Shadows.   Although the movie is in black and white, the Grim Reaper’s plot feels more intense. Even the name means horror. According to Wikipedia, from the 15th century,  Grim Reaper means Death and is a skeletal figure carrying a large scythe and wears a black robe with a hood. There are some real and false settings in the movie which makes the audience confused. The audiences guess who will be killed next. Also, the painting on the wall is very creepy, which makes the audience scared, but I don’t know if the painting is really haunted or not. The tool in that painting made me think a lot; it is not only a farmer’s tool but also sharp weapon. Plus, the music in the movie and horror story behind the painting makes a really good horror story.

The movie: the House Certain Shadows on the Wall is more like a revulsion spectrum movie because the four relatives live in the same house together with each person wanting to kill another so they can have all the money. I don’t think it is considered a horror movie.

The short story Lottery, I don’t know why it is a horror related short story. It is more like a religion or an American history type story.


Vonnegut’s Shape:

By watching the Vonnegut video, he used a simple graph to explain how to write a story that people like. The story starts with a normal family that includes a mom, dad, and a little girl. It all starts when the mom comes home with her daughter after shopping and Dad starts to yell to his wife because she spends too much money on her daughter, the story line went down. When the Dad scolded the girl to throw the Tina doll on the floor so he could cut up and torture the doll he made his wife mad and want to leave her husband which takes the story down below the line.  However, when the husband realized his behavior would end his marriage, he started to change his attitude and tried to the talk to Tina, the doll and his step daughter nicer. The story’s line went back to normal. However, later that night when he heard strange noises downstairs, he walked out of the bedroom and tripped over the doll on the steps and died.






Host Character: 

 Hello everyone,

I am Sandy the clown, the new horror host for ds106. I have been a clown since I was 5 years old. Kids made fun of me because I was fat and ugly. I don’t remember what my parents look like, and my foster parents don’t like me. The reason they want to keep me is because they can get money from the government. I heard them laugh at me so I became a clown, and I scare them at night. I really enjoy seeing their faces when I scare them. You will enjoy my host in the horror chancel. I’ll see you in the dark!

Clown Sandy



Writing Assignments from the Assignments Bank:

I want to be…..

If I could be anybody I would want to be like Mia Thermopolis in the movie Princess Diaries. I was born in China and later moved to the U.S. with my mom as an immigrant. I am just an ordinary high school girl living an ordinary life with my mom. I consider myself as an unfashionable and unpopular high school kid but I have couple best friends. One day, I found out my grandmother came to the U.S. as a CEO for her own company. She found out her daughter and granddaughter came to U.S. We met and she seemed so elegant even though she worked for an outward department. I wish I could be just like her. Soon, I finished high school and went to college to study Finance. Later on, I applied for her company’s internship during my sophomore and Junior years in college. Although, my grandmother offered to pay my college education, I asked to only borrow the money from her pay her back after I found a job. I got a position from my grandmother’s company. During the time when I worked at my grandmother’s company I finished my MBA. I got a promotion after I finished my MBA and worked all the way up to CFO. Although, my grandmother is not the Queen of some country and I will not be a future Queen, I felt like my life is just like a dream but in a reality.

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The reason I picked this writing assignment is because I really like the fairy tale story. I wish my life is that glory. Most of the story is fiction except I have a grandmother who came to the U.S. years ago and I never had the chance to find her and meet her. I wish she was still alive and someday I can meet her. I don’t really care if she is rich or poor; I just want to meet my grandmother.


A Picture worth A Thousand Words


Old Creepy House

A girl named Tina, used to live with her mother, father, and her dog, Patrick in a small town as a happy family. Her father and mother loved Tina so much, but when Tina was 14 she lost her father due to a car accident. Tina felt like her whole world was over. As a teenager besides depression and sadness, she felt nothing else. Tina’s mother, Barbara found a job in another city so they sold their house and moved to the city. They bought the cheapest house on the market, it was old and a little shabby but with a little bit of cleaning, it should be a nice place to stay at. During the day when Tina went to her new school, Barbara slept so she can go to work at night. When night came, Patrick started to get nervous; he kept walking around and barking at the attic. Tina’s mom was getting ready for work and told Tina to lock the door before going to bed. After Tina’s mom left the house, Tina turned on the TV, but Patrick wouldn’t stop growling at the attic. Tina called Patrick to come to her and asked him to sit next to her. However, Patrick still wouldn’t settle down and it seemed like he was getting more nervous. Suddenly, Tina heard a strange noise from upstairs that got her attention; she started to walk slowly upstairs; Patrick followed her upstairs more nervous than ever. When she finally came to the attic door she heard the noise again. She slowly turned the door knob and opened the door, while she walked in she felt a chill go all over her body, the room was dark and she tried switching the light on but the light ball was dead. Patrick was loyal and followed Tina in. While Tina kept walking toward the noise; Suddenly Patrick got pulled away by some strange power to a hole on the one side of wall. While Tina turned her head around to look for Patrick and he wasn’t behind her anymore. Tina started to call his name, but Patrick didn’t show up. Tina started to get worried. At this moment, an invisible hand slowly approached to Tina and grabbed her and started to pull her in the hole too. Tina started screaming and tried to run out of the room, but she couldn’t move. She felt like her foot weighted a thousand pounds and she couldn’t move an inch and her body had been pulled toward the hole by the invisible hand. She called her mom, “help me, help me”. Suddenly, the light was on, her mom was there. Tina couldn’t stop shaking and crying. Her mother held Tina in her arm and took her out of the room.
Later on, they found out the house were haunted and their dog, Patrick was took away by the evil spirits in the house. Quickly, they left the house and had a new place to stay. After that horror night, they knew they would never buy anymore used houses. Four years later, Tina got a free ride to college and her mother got a promotion at her job. Their life became better and better each day.

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The reason I picked this writing assignment was because I enjoy fiction stories. When I plot these creepy parts in my story, the first thing that pops up in my mind is what if I am the character in the story, what will make me scared. Also, I tried to use the V….’s story method into my story. The starting point of Tian’s life was above standard life in which she was a happy and lovely girl until her father passed away; her life turned upside down. But when her Mom found a job and they bought a new house in the city, her life got better. However, her life went down again due to the haunted house and the loss of her dog. Finally, her life went back to normal again after a few years.




Beyond the Headline

The third week assignment are focusing on writing, I picked this assignment was because it is different from others. To do this assignment, first I need find a title with questions format; I googled The Washington Post online version and found the “Can movies reclaim victory from TV in the battle for prestige?” Then I need find other titles that match the answers of the question title. I used same method found some articles may answer the question. Lastly, I cited these links with all the article titles.

Can movies reclaim victory from TV in the battle for prestige?
Superheroes, for once, don’t rule Hollywood’s summer. No, Hollywood did not just have its second-biggest summer box office ever, big Time in Hollywood, FL’: Greatness achieved, in a delusional way.


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