Week Two

It is only the second week and I feel like I have learned a lot. I really enjoy the Assignment Bank because it has all kinds of assignments that I can choose from which fun and creative. The Daily Create is a unique place to express ideas.

Digital storytelling

Digital storytelling is different than traditional storytelling. Digital storytelling uses technology such as the internet and social media platforms to create story. Also, people who tell their story via digital format don’t have to find their audience, the audience will find the story that they are interesting in. In digital storytelling, not only can the audience read or watch the story but they can also comment their true feelings without being face to face with the storyteller. The teller and the reader can interact through the web and become a group of people telling and adding up the story. Digital plug into storytelling, such as background music, image, and text makes the story more interesting emotional. Just like the Slender man story spread online, Erick Knudsen took advantage of digital storytelling and used Photoshop to create a horror/supernatural character. The character became popular rapidly.


The “Talky Tina” doll from “Living Doll” and the Zuni fetish doll from Amelia of Trilogy of Terror all seem to be filled with evil spirits that may threat or harm people around them which makes these stories scary. The “Zuni fetish” doll from the “Amelia” is scary because it will harm you even I you treat it nicely. Then the doll passes its spirits to people after he bites them and the person becomes an attacker. However, the “Talky Tina” doll doesn’t scare, because she is only a threat to the people who treat her badly. Therefore, I would choose “Talky Tina” among these three dolls.


Daily Assignments:

All those pictures reflect my life. I love my kids and love to spend time with them. I like to cook, eat healthy. We all enjoy outdoor activities and eating Sushi.




A favorite Movie Character Into Life

Quasimodo into Life







Visual Assignment:

Pop Star Out of Place- Shakira on the Bridge Performance

(VisualAssignments, VisualAssignments1752)

I used Cut Me In App on my phone to create the assignment. First I found Shakira’s photo on internet and down it to my phone.



Then I log in to the App to crop the photo and picked a background from the App, a hanging bridge, added her photo to the background. Finally, I upload the final image to my blog.






Audio Assignment:

Mother and Daughter Talk ( AudioAssignments, AudioAssignments1665)

This is very fun assignment. I downloaded the free software Audacity from online.

Then I wrote the script which it includes m y daughter and me. Then, I recorded mother and daughter separately into the Audacity and save it.

Then I edited it separately. I changed the pitch of the daughter’s voice and to make the sound like different person.  Then I add daughter’s voice in to mother’s file.



Fanfic Assignment:

1st President Got Question (FanficAssignments, FanficAssignments99)

Fake Twitter for 1st President



This assignment was easy. I used the Class Tool.Net to created fake Twitter account.